Friday, June 11, 2004

Free at last, free at last

The world disconnects and the said revolution permits an ambulatory freedom heretofore unheard of. The joy felt upon hearing the doorbell ring and seeing the man in brown (wearing shorts no less) bearing the instrument of my liberty.

Twirl the hands clockwise like a tornado and behold the future, Pompie. Lee Marvin, bless his soul, passed by like Mariko Mori surfing a stream of radio waves. And the world as Isaac Asimov envisioned draws ever increasingly closer. To be tethered by gravity or otherwise speaking of mere ohms and amps is outdated. Life that exists as scattered molecules transported by narrow beams instantaneously in a blink of an eye, as dreamed of, pulsates from a box hooked up and plugged into the wall.

And I dance an extraterrestrial dance of hyperelectricity.