Sunday, August 20, 2006

Utopia toppled

Somewhere out west three consecutive dots followed by three rapid dashes followed again by three rhythmic dots dissipate over the Nebraskan sky, unheard.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Notes about last night

The four blue walls remain undisturbed as it were and all is still. Only in a momentary lapse of concentration did the olive velour cocktail loveseat greatly escape. Swiftly, the Gestapo called out the German shepherd to hunt down the lost stray and both concluded the matter over a barrel of homemade moonshine without even so much as a Yankee Doodle Dandy. Now it guards the unprotected corner where the Cooler King forever bounces his baseball, perpetrating an Orientalist way of life for the time being.

Underneath the Queen, sand pebbles collect and surround the crumbled red envelope. It, too, must stay in place. No one is permitted to move around.

In the other room, talk circulates of imminent relocation. Every night just before supper, the two principal heads gather their thoughts, each mapping out possible scenarios based on careful calculated measurements.

"How about simplicity?" Rob Lowe says.
"But the wood creaks," Demi Moore replies.

Both sit down and wait for night to come.

Songs from Chinatown whisper in the dark. The Hawaiian is banned from humming because his voice evokes nightmares. Yet a quarter past five as dawn breaks, she materializes out of the blue. Her stunned son, lost in conversation, stops in mid-sentence. He smiles, rises and hugs her, blurting repeatedly in joy, "You're back but where have you been?"

Her maternal face beams pure happiness.