Sunday, June 15, 2014



photographically seamed
without a stitch
a long distance copy

Adam and Eve
sans apple, only serpents

but in the basement
or bedroom
rather than garden

John and Yoko
to reveal digitized
pillow talk
between white sheets
of elevator music

an album recording
their naked passion

even if imagined
through pictures
in lieu of

making love.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Lying back relaxed,
her brown pupils
ever so Cindy Sherman
gaze off,

a worm's eye view

in black and white.

Through the glass

tapered shadows 
architecturally proportionate
disguise traditional ground
from silhouetted figure

Ellsworth Kelly, of course, 

disapproves. But who cares? 
Certainly not our displaced heroine 
modeling nude for Alfred Stieglitz

early on 
in the twentieth century
when the industrial revolution built 
cities of steel to capture their souls 
until the desert sands beckoned

the prodigal daughter returns

from Broadway, 

boogie woogie 
be damned 

as abandoned skyscrapers afloat 

in negative space, a succession 
of white clouds marching in unison
bloom into petaled cow skulls.

Black nights cooled down 

before their journey west 
holding hands 
with another monkey king 

and true to form he now sheds his clothes

in intense heat.